Fighter Header Teasers

So I’ve been working on the rules lately, and am starting to get the fighter headers into good shape. (Mage is next, then Healer.)

To give you an idea of the general structure of Vox Mundi skills, you take a core class (Fighter, Mage, or Healer), each of which has a bunch of open skills within the class (8-10) and a bunch of mini-headers within the class (also 8-10). The mini-headers have about 5 skills each in them, and you get 2 mini headers within your class for free.

You can’t buy skills from another class, but you CAN buy a bajillion openly available little mini headers that are not in any particular class, which include headers that let you dabble a bit in another class’ specialty, as well as various utility, flavor, and specialization type headers. There will be probably dozens of these and they will be super fun. There may even be a few info skills (insert scuffling noises as my staff attempt to restrain me).

Everyone will wind up starting with several mini headers, some inside their class and some outside, as well as racial and divine bloodline skills, so hopefully we can have a wide and interesting spread of characters who don’t all seem the same. (This will be a high starting CP game. You’re descended from Gods, after all.)

So anyway, the fighter header ideas I’m playing with currently have some based on your combat role and some that are more flavor driven. An overview:

Skirmisher – Backstabbiness

Warrior – Tank

Champion – Boss-killer

Ranger – Solo

Sword Dancer – Froofy showoff

Netherblade – Channel dangerous power into your sword that hurts you or makes you crazy

Bloodblade – Instead of poisons, use your blood or other PC blood to Imbue your sword with effects

Bladebound – Linked to your sword/weapon [UPDATE: I am folding this together with Artifact Weapon, below. So there will be a long list of properties you can pick for your linked magic weapon, but with a limit of 5 (so not all the weapons are alike, but you still don’t get more skills than the other headers).

Artifact Weapon – Your weapon is magic and you can pick a few cool properties for it

Archer – Archer [NEW]

There is some chance I will wind up rolling Bladebound together with Artifact Weapon. Not sure yet.

UPDATE: Yeah, I’m definitely rolling Bladebound and Artifact Weapon together into one header, and also I am adding an Archer header.

Fighters are mostly focused on offense, with scant defenses, and will rely on Healers to keep them in the fight. I have some skills that emphasize/reward teamwork.

Some of the flavors you see here will have counterparts in Mage & Healer headers, too. For instance, Exalted blood is a legit power source in this game, though you are REALLY supposed to acquire it willingly. Because, you know, assault and/or murder of Exalted is wicked illegal. (Exalted blood also is the primary ritual power component, by the way.)

And there will be Nether mages and Nether healers, and mages and healers can also have cool artifacts, and so on… and they also have some nifty unique flavors of their own.

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