Race & Nationality

All Vox Mundi PCs will have a race and nationality.

The cultural aspects of each of these are all still very much in development, and even names of countries and the like may change. Definitely don’t get too attached to any specifics here. But the overall spread of basic flavors will likely remain the same.

Note that you will be allowed to play multi-race or multi-nationality characters (doing makeup for multiple races).

Also note that this is an empire with a ton of cross-cultural exchange that’s been going on for thousands of years. So it’s very typical for someone to, say, have a mom from Vashava and a dad from Rilannon but live in Dolmark and prefer Tokado fashion and Andar cuisine, while also appreciating Skykin poetry and making frequent visits to your Wyrkin cousins, etc.


Human – Versatile and resilient, humans make up the vast majority of the population and are the oldest of the five races of the Empire. No makeup required.

Faekin – Faekin are descended from both humans and Fae. They have vivid imaginations and vivid dreams, with close ties to the Nether. They avoid lies and are very careful about swearing oaths. Makeup: Pointed ears minimum; glitter, eye makeup optional.

Dragonkin – Dragonkin are descended from humans and Dragons. Proud, fierce, honorable, and passionate, they thrive on adversity. They thirst for adventure and are often restless wanderers. Makeup: partially scaled face minimum; crest, horns, tail optional.

Skykin – The descendents of a human clan and sprites of wind and sky, the mystical Skykin dwell in Eyries, isolated communities high in the mountains. They are known for their insight and perception. Makeup: feathers in hair and/or feathery patterns around eyes; optional wings.

Werekin – Werekin are descendants of humans and a mysterious race of true shapechangers. They take on an animal form at maturity and are more dangerous in moonlight. They are divided into the Vora (mostly canids & felines), the Edaci (bears, weasels, badgers, etc), and the Viridi (hooved mammals like deer, antelope, etc). Makeup: Animal people makeup.

Note: You can play a halfblood character by mixing the makeup of multiple races (for instance, a Faekin/Skykin might have pointed ears, glitter, and feathers).


Overall, the Empire draws costuming (& cultural) inspiration from most cultures along the Silk Road, from Europe through Asia and with bonus North Africa. Time periods from the middle ages through the 17th Century are fair game. There is much cultural exchange and trade, so it is quite common to wear the traditional clothing of a different country than your own or to mix it up. Note that these fantasy countries are at least somewhat (and sometimes very) different in culture & history from the ones from which they draw costuming inspiration: Vashava is not just fantasy India, Tokado is not fantasy Japan, etc.

Vashava – A crossroads of trade and culture, refined and urbane Vahsava is ruled by a council of powerful Exalted families. Subtle and sometimes manipulative, merchants and negotiators at heart, they continually maneuver in an intricate dance of power. Costuming: Influenced by India/South Asia

Kazarand – In the harsh steppes and mountains of Kazarand dwell semi-nomadic warrior clans who treasure family, friends, and home and protect them fiercely from the dire creatures that prowl their borders. Stories, music, and laughter keep them warm on cold nights. Costuming: Influenced by Mongolia/Central Asia/Russia

Dolmark – Dolmark’s shining court of chivalry and benevolent King have taken a somewhat darker turn since he became Deathbound. Honor and selfless service war with fatalistic gloom in both the court and the people. Costuming: Gothic/Medieval Europe (especially northern & eastern)

Tokado – An ancient treaty balancing power between noble families of the five races shattered into a civil war that has torn Tokado apart for decades. Its people prize art and spirituality, creating beauty as a refuge from war. Costuming: Influenced by East and Southeast Asia (Japan/China/Korea/Thailand/etc)

Andar – Andar was a nation of scholars, with great libraries and colleges. But the Court of Disaster attacked Andar first, and now most of the libraries are destroyed and the sages scattered or killed. Its people fight to the death to protect what knowledge remains. Costuming: Influenced by North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, etc) & the Middle East

Rilannon – The immortal River Queen presides over the trade cities gracing the Empire’s rivers like freshwater pearls. Gregarious, observant, and quick to gossip, her people boast the best spy network in the Empire and throw the best parties. Costuming: Influenced by 17th Century/Baroque Europe (especially western & southern)

Lyr – Lyr holds close ties with the Fae kingdom, with magic in its hills and forests, and a relatively high population of Faekin (including the royal family). Its people honor and protect the land, and often dedicate themselves to a purpose when they reach adulthood. Costuming: Celtic/Fantasy Woodland Ranger influences.

Renaissance European fashions are also popular in all countries. It’s also very common to mix up the fashions, cuisines, etc. of different nations in the same outfit or meal. Pull from all of the above and have fun!

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