Overview Info

Here’s some basic overview info about Vox Mundi. Everything subject to change without notice, as we’re still in the development phase.


Genre: Epic fantasy

Flavors & Themes: Politics/intrigue, angst/woe, identity/humanity, terror/horror/suffering, epic god wars, weird otherworldly dreamy mess-with-your-head stuff, close personal bonds, hard choices, personal growth, cosmological mysteries, murder in the dark.

RP/Combat Balance: It’s all about story and character. So the scales will tend to tilt toward RP. But combat is also awesome, and I am fond of combat as an integral part of story and character. And this story is about war. So there should be plenty of fighting, too. Likely similar to mid-to-late-campaign 7V, for those familiar with it.

Basic Game Background Blurb

PCs are Exalted, descendants of divine bloodlines from an ancient time when Gods walked the earth and married mortals. But not all Gods loved humans. The Court of Disaster saw them as a scourge to be purged from the earth. After a war between Gods, the Court of Disaster were imprisoned, and the benign Gods departed for the Netherworld.

Around 10-20 years ago (TBD), a few of the Court of Disaster escaped their imprisonment and now seek to eradicate the mortal races that once bound them. Recent dramatic events in the war suddenly shift political and military focus to Bellator Keep, an obscure international outpost dedicated to diplomacy, military coordination, and the exploration and scholarly study of nearby ruins. Both the ruins and those gathered to study and defend them may prove far more important than anyone guessed—and genocidal Gods are not the gravest danger.

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