What Is Vox Mundi?

Vox Mundi is a LARP I intend to run in 3-5 years.

That’s a long time from now, so it doesn’t have a real web site yet. But I’m getting enough questions and interest at this point that I figure I should post some info about the game publicly.

Be warned: this game is very much still in development. All I can post here at this point is early speculative rambling, and everything is subject to change.

If you think hearing me babble about a game in the early stages of development sounds great, read on! If you’d rather wait until I actually have final and official info, come back in a few years.

I plan to post here when I have something to share, be it fun little tidbits of what I’m working on, general tentative info, or calls for feedback on a particular topic. Right now, this blog is aimed at my friends who are interested in the game rather than the general public, so it will be informal babbling.

Eventually, this disorganized rambling will be replaced by an actual game webpage with real, useful information.

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